“I gave up going to my local gym yoga class as I was bored and didn't feel challenged, then a friend introduced me to Jacqui and I have been going ever since. What's great is even though you are in a class, everyone works at their own pace – there's always an easier or harder option if you've had a busy day or are raring to go!

I've never been to a class before where I feel I get individual help too. Jacqui has helped me to sort out a problem with my shoulders and I now feel like my posture and core strength are really improving. As a physiotherapist myself, you can really tell Jacqui knows what she's talking about!”

- Emily Freeman


“I have been practicing Yoga for just over two years now and being a male I can confess that I was somewhat apprehensive about what to expect when I first started out. I regularly take part in various impact and physically demanding sports and having suffered from long-term injuries, aches and pains and yoga was suggested as a good way to help improve core strength and to help stretch out various recurring niggling muscle aches. After only a few weeks I began to feel the physical benefit of my practice. I have found that my practice has not only helped to reduce the recurring niggles and aches whilst improving core strength but I have found that the classes have provided additional benefits.

The classes with Jacqui help me to relax, focus the mind and 'de-stress' away from my professional life whilst developing techniques which allow me to focus the mind in my personal life. Jacqui has proved to be a fantastic Yoga teacher over the last few years and I feel fortunate to have met her. I cannot recommend Jacqui’s classes enough to anyone considering taking up yoga. She has been key to helping make the Yoga classes fun, enjoyable and accessible for all whilst still offering a challenge with her varying lessons plans. I have said many times to friends away from the classes that had I first attended a Yoga class not run by Jacqui I am not sure I would have persevered and that would have been a shame.”

- Martin McHugh


“I have been practising yoga with Jacqui for over 4 years now and her classes are amazing, it is unbelievable how strong and flexible you become with continued practice, whatever level you are at, whether a complete beginner, intermediate or advanced. Jacqui is a fantastic teacher, who with such a wealth of knowledge and expertise immediately puts you at ease and encourages you to work according to your own ability in a safe and progressive way. With her changing lesson plans, you are forever learning new postures and techniques to help improve your practice at your own level.

Her classes leave you feeling completely energised with a great sense of calmness and well being. I would certainly recommend giving it a go, you will not be disappointed!!”

  - Teresa Piper


“I started attending one of Jacqui’s yoga classes at the start of this year, hoping it would help me get more flexible and help with the lower back pain that had been plaguing me for years. 

I found the class friendly and relaxed, and Jacqui’s teaching patient and thorough - she seems to genuinely care for each of her students.  Lessons are cleverly planned to allow enough focus on specific postures to get progression and enough variety to keep it interesting.  

Since attending the class, I have found that my back problems have all but disappeared, along with a number of other aches and niggles.  Physically I feel stronger and fitter than I have ever felt, and my posture has improved no end.  I cannot imagine going to another class.”

  - Carl Sharman


“Since taking part in yoga about 6 years ago, I have not needed to visit the osteopath with challenges in my neck and shoulder.

Jacqui's classes are fun but informative, with everyone encouraged to work at their own level. Always enjoyable!”

- Bea Martin


“Jackie is an excellent yoga teacher ensuring her classes are always fun and relaxed, whilst accommodating a range of experience. Despite practicing yoga for several years I feel that I am continually learning and refining my practice with Jackie.” 

- Caroline Stonell


“Jacqui is an excellent teacher.  Always encouraging and mindful of people's varying experience and abilities, and always cheerful!!  An aspect that is particularly good is that from her work in sports therapy and injury she knows, and explains, what NOT to do as well as what to do in each posture, to avoid injury.  This is really reassuring, particularly when working on new and unfamiliar postures.”

- Paul Officer


“I have attended Jacqui's classes for almost a year now and am truly now starting to realise the benefits of yoga in my life.  Jacqui is both inspiring and patient, it feels as if her aim is for each student to get the most from every minute of the class.  Through this the class each week has become a time to concentrate on my mind and body, leaving the world firmly outside the door.  My body is responding and I am learning it is never to late to gain flexibility.  I leave each class with a feeling of relaxation and more able to deal with the world around me.  On a lighter note some fantastic laughs - what more can you ask!”

- Anne Bridgstock


“Yoga is so good for my body and soul, and Jacqui makes it accessible. She is a very cool teacher.

Classes are never dull. There's an all-embracing vibe; Jacqui finds a way to introduce newcomers, at the same time as encouraging us to develop our practice. And without a hint of oh-my-I-am-not-flexible-and-am-a-bit-rubbish-so-can't-do-yoga. Because that misses the point, really!”

- Helen Wakerley


"Having a desk based job I was suffering with bad posture and a bad back, but the weekly class has helped significantly. As well as general strengthening the classes are really enjoyable. A great habit to get into.

Playing racket sports lead to tight hamstrings and pulled muscles, but the weekly yoga class has helped to increase flexibility and prevent injury. They are also a great way to unwind. The 1-2-1 sessions have really helped to focus on developing key areas increasing movement and increase a general sense of well being."

- Christopher Thomson


“I have been doing yoga for over ten years and have had many teachers. I have found Jacqui's classes to be really good about educating me about my body, I always listen to my body now and protect my back especially from from injury. Jacqui explains how the body works as she teaches her yoga – which really helps me to understand the importance of correct technique, Jacqui really knows her stuff. I enjoy the classes, they are friendly and fun. I would definitely recommend the classes to anyone.”

- Sharon Nolan


“Lovely Yoga class for all levels, fun, relaxed atmosphere, cute and lovely teacher... The perfect way to yoga-heaven! :)”

- Alexandra Turzova


“This is a great opportunity for me to tell you and others what a benefit it has been for me in the relatively short time I’ve been coming along to the classes. As you know, but others may not, I was recently diagnosed with a fairly serious health problem at an already difficult time in my personal life. I would not claim that Yoga can directly cure illness or solve problems. What I can say is, with complete sincerity, it has assisted by making me more relaxed and energised. It didn’t happen instantly but after only a short time I have more energy, feel more relaxed and focused. Now I find myself in a better place to get on with daily life and cope with any problems. The classes are fun and I get to meet some of the nicest people I’ve known for a very long time.”

- Steve Smith


“I've been going to yoga with Jacqui for quite a while now and I look forward to it every week. Jacqui has such a friendly, caring personality and makes sure that everyone feels comfortable and is working at their own pace. As well as feeling fitter, stronger and more toned, there are significant emotional benefits and I always come away feeling relaxed and happy. I can't recommend Jacqui's' classes enough!”

- Sophie Parker


“I recently began attending one of Jacqui’s yoga classes following a recommendation by a friend. As I have a back problem, I am always cautious about undertaking any new form of exercise but the sessions take a gentle approach and students are reminded not to push themselves too hard. Jacqui is a great teacher; she explains each move clearly whilst demonstrating the move herself and encourages everyone to work at their own level. Jacqui’s lovely sense of humour and words of encouragement are a great motivation and help to make the classes really enjoyable. As well as the benefits to my health and well being, I have also enjoyed meeting new people in what is a very friendly and relaxed environment.”

  - Ruth Lovelock


“Jacqui is everything I want from a yoga teacher – knowledgable, adaptable, patient, kind, witty and most of all a friend.”

- Dawn Osborne


In a private yoga session, Jacqui took me through moves that were suitable for my lifestyle and instilled in me a new thought process about posture and general movement of the body.  Her attitude and attention were absolutely inspirational, whilst at the same time her suggestions realistic, ensuring I could fit them in, achieve, relax and above all smile.  With thanks.

  - Anne Bridgstock


“I have been attending Jacqui's yoga classes for a few years now and have always thoroughly enjoyed them. I find the strengthening element of the classes has a lovely toning effect, particularly on the abdominals!

  Jacqui is always positive and encouraging and the atmosphere at the sessions is relaxed and friendly. The classes are as challenging as you want them to be but I always feel chilled when I leave and sleep really well!”

- Kate Winstone


“Attending a yoga class has made a huge difference to me, both physically and spiritually. I have arthritis in the neck, lower spine, hips and right knee and am convinced I would not be as mobile as I am if I did not practice yoga. I cannot do some of the asanas because of the arthritis but Jacqui can always suggest an alternative and it's always worth having a go at most things as everyone's body is different week-to-week. The Friday group is welcoming  and has a combination of people who have been going for years  and new people joining and a great atmosphere, assisted by Jacqui's warm and bubbly personality.

Spiritually I feel much stronger and when things are going badly in life, I have gained a feeling that I have the inner strength to overcome them, even if it takes a while!

I would highly recommend coming along!”

  - Carolyn Phillips


“Little did I know when I Googled "Yoga classes" in my area that I would be lucky enough to accidentally find the lovely Jacqui.

I had been practicing Yoga at home with various DVDs for a little over a year and loved it, but wanted to learn more.

I found exactly the right person in Jacqui she is an inspirational warm person and a fabulous teacher.

I really couldn't be without Yoga in my life now and that is in no small part down to my wonderful teacher Jacqui.”

  - Justine Foxon


“The classes have helped me to de-stress and improve my posture and physical confidence. The sessions are fun and individual abilities are catered for.”

- Pat Taylor


“Yoga Class helps me to stay flexible and fit in a gentle way. If I did not come to yoga regularly I should quickly become stiff and tired. I like the varity of movement too.“

- Marguerite Stevenson


“Jacqui is an excellent and considerate yoga teacher, this makes the lessons so worthwhile.”


“I couldn't recommend it more! Lovely, relaxed atmosphere and no pressure to do anything you don't want to. Just try it!”


“Yoga – it is so good for the body and mind. Once a week is my limit, but it has been so beneficial to my well being and I am eighty!”


“The yoga class is really welcoming and suitable for everyone, whether you've tried it before or not. A great way to use all your muscles without even realising!!!”


"Learning Yoga with Jacqui is fantastic and really enjoyable.

With utmost patience and with her own background of experience and professional ability, she is able to guide you through different movements in total comfort and most importantly, to your own level whether it be as a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

The benefits are very real and virtually immediate."

- Hilary Bull


"I have been doing Yoga with Jacqui for nearly a year now. I feel stronger, calmer and more relaxed. I really look forward to Friday nights, it's the perfect way to start my weekend!!"

- Sara Homer


"I have been going to Jacqui's Yoga class nearly a year now and when I first started I watched everyone getting into postures that I thought I would never manage. A year on and I will give most postures a try and my progress has been amazing."

"I find the class good fun and interesting. Jacqui is a lovely, thoughtful and caring teacher. Each week is a little different to the last. Some weeks you come away with a great sense of well being."

- Sue Saywood


"I really enjoy going to Jacqui's Yoga class in Rothwell. As someone who is not particularly active I thought it would be a gentle way to strengthen the body as I get older. She focuses on dynamic movement and core stability, strengthening the back and stomach.

We are all encouraged to take it at our own pace and never over-do it. In the short time I have been going I already feel it has made a big difference. There is a fun atmosphere and I always come away feeling brighter and very relaxed."

- Mandy Breeze


"Jacqui takes a holistic approach to Yoga; we perform the moves, the breathing and the focusing all within a relaxed and welcoming atmostphere that makes the whole experience simply fly by. If you want to relax and stretch your mind, body and ultimately your spirit then come to Rothwell. You will not regret it."

- Sheldon Wortley


"Jaqui taught me a series of Yoga exercises to strengthen my core muscles. I have found it easy to fit fifteen minutes of Yoga a day into my everyday life. I felt a difference after just two weeks of practice. You get a real sense of achievement once you can sustain a position for a longer period of time and can do more repetitions."

- Bethan Lewis